Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please read carefully all the points below once you have ticked the box you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions.

  • As you are self employed , you are responsible for your own tax and national insurance and commission will be deducted as agreed on all payments contracted through Star Casting Uk Ltd
  • Please notify Star Casting if there is a change of address or telephone number
  • Star Casting cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accident whilst traveling to or from any assignment or whilst on set
  • Star Casting must be informed if the artist is not available for work ie holidays or sickness.
  • Star Casting deducts 20% on all payments relating to television work, Commercials, modelling may vary, Star Casting have the right to increase the commission at any time
  • The artist must remain with the agency for 24 months, unless agreed in writing for the artist to leave by Star Casting
  • All admin fees are non refundable after fourteen days after the date the artist joined, if the artists does not want to remain within this fourteen day period, joining fee will be returned
  • Once you have set up paypal payments these payments are recurring, meaning an admin fee will automatically come out of your bank annually, once the fee has be taken, NO refund will be given, you can cancel these payments at anytime, if you do choose to cancel these payments, Star Casting has the authorisation to terminate your contract.     
  • Payments can only be made to the artist on receipt of payment from the client, with some payments up to six weeks, Star Casting payment will be made between 4/6 weeks, following the date the artist worked.
  • You must arrive clean & tidy at all times
  • Please only take certain clothes suggested to you by Star Casting or the costume department for production, failure to bring the correct clothing may result in being sent home, with no pay
  • Once you have arrived at location/studio your phone or any electrical devices must be switched off
  • Whilst on set you must listen and take note what the runner/manager/director instructs you
  • You will be responsible for your own travel expenses unless the production company you are working for pay expenses
  • Taking photos on set is strictly forbidden
  • You must not approach or ask any principal actor or star for their autograph
  • If you cannot attend you must inform star casting 3 working days prior anytime after this period star casting have the right to charge a cancellation fee or the cost of the production job
  • Failure to turn up for work once you have agreed to work, unless a valid reason, reason to be dertimined by star casting, may result in instant dismissal from the agency
  • You are not a obligated to accept work, but must be 100% reliable if you have agreed to
  • Please note a fine may be applied if you are late, or cancellation of the job, so please leave plenty of time for your journey
  • Always behave in a suitable manner on and off set, as you are representing Star Casting
  • Star Casting reserve the right to cancel any job at any time
  • – I irrevocably agree and undertake not to make use of, or divulge to member of the press, public or any social networks any information which I might acquire relating to the company’s business, programmes or about any storyline plot or subject matter relating to the production, without the prior written consent of the company.
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